Blizzard Offering Free Server Transfers

Mists of Pandaria must be breathing new life into MMO giant World of Warcraft – there are so many people trying to log in and play the queue times are immense. For a limited time, Blizzard is offering limited free server transfers to help alleviate that load. From now until Oct 4th, players can move a character from a full server to a less populated one for free. While guild transfers are not part of this deal, guild standing is retained if the guild master purchases a guild transfer.

This is a limited offer, hit the jump for server specifics. 

As this offer is intended to ease server queues, only characters on specific servers may take advantage of the transfer, and only to other specified servers.  The tentative cutoff date is October 4th, although Blizzard has reserved the right to terminate this offer should the population hit the right balance earlier than expected. Should you wish to move, simply log in to account management, select your World of Warcraft license, and then click on Free Character Migration.

I’ve provided the current transfer offers, but to keep up to date on any changes to the lineup, visit the official migration FAQ, or the official announcement.

Free Transfers 9/27 – 10/4

From: Frostmourne (Oceanic – PvP)
To: Gundrak (Oceanic – PvP)

From: Illidan (Central – PvP)
To: Mug’thol (Central – PvP)

From: Kil’jaeden (Pacific – PvP)
To: Frostwolf (Pacific – PvP)

From: Area 52 (Eastern – PvE)
To: Velen (Mountain – PvE)
To: Exodar (Eastern – PvE)

From: Darkspear (Mountain – PvP)
To: Bloodscalp (Mountain – PvP)

From: Tichondrius (Pacific – PvP)
To: Dark Iron (Pacific – PvP)

From: Stormrage (Eastern – PvE)
To: Trollbane (Eastern – PvE)

From: Kel’Thuzad (Eastern – PvP)
To: Alterac Mountains (Eastern – PvP)

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