Blizzard Store Adds New Items

Recently the Blizzard store added two new in-game items for World of Warcraft. Before these new additions were added the only in-game items that were sold were the pets: Pandaren Monk and Lil’ K.T. Well now the Blizzard store has added another new pet and also a mount! The new in-game pet will be Lil’ XT. Lil’ XT is one of the first bosses in Ulduar and will retail at $10 at the store.

Now what most people are excited about is this mount. This is the first mount that has ever been sold at the Blizzard store. The mount is called the Celestial Steed. When the mount was first introduced it was widely speculated that the mount would drop off Algalon (special last boss in Ulduar) or from a new boss in Vault of Archavon. The Celestial Steed will be a flying mount that will scale with your character’s current flying speed. The Celestial Steed will cost $25.

And also since the mount was introduced at the store yesterday there were rumors going around that there would be a limited number of the Celestial Steed at the store. People were reporting that there was a 10 hour que to buy the mount. This blue post clears up the rumors about the mount being a limited time only offer.


  1. Just got my mount. While I can’t say I’d pay for one, I’ll gladly take it as a b-day present. It also appears to be limited, the same friend sent me a screenshot of the queue to buy it. Last night at 6PM PST, stock was at 83% and she was #158,200 in line with a 5 hour queue. So if you do want one, I’d suggest doing it sooner rather than later.

    The steed requires level 20 and riding (75), after that it levels with your riding skill. Since it goes to ALL your char’s, just like the pets, you have to be careful it does not expire in the mail before you can use it (or just store it in the bank).

    The mount is actually treated as 2 separate mounts though for purposes of being in a flying area or not. You can not mount up in Dalaran then run out to the flight pad and take off, you have to re-summon. Same the other way around, if you fly into Dalaran, it will still dismount you.

    Also, if anyone uses the ‘Mounted’ add-on, it does not yet know to change what category the mount it is when you gain a new level of riding skill. So for my alt, who first learned it at 39, still thinks of it as a 60% speed mount even though im 40 with the faster riding skill (still works through normal a summon of course, since its just the addon that does not yet know how to treat it). I’m sure the addon will be updated soon though.

  2. the mount is actually NOT in limited supply. It just seems that way but I linked in the main post a blue response stating that it is not a first come first serve item.
    If you guys remember when the store first opened up the same thing was happening with the Pandaren Monk and Lil’ K.T. pets. From day one people were saying that the pets were “out of stock” because of the sheer number of people purchasing them. It’s the same situation but Blizzard learned that demand will be high so thankfully the Celestial Steed isn’t out of stock……yet.

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