BlizzCon 2010: Live Raid – Paragon Versus WoW (All Four Waves)

One of the biggest hits of BlizzCon last year was the Live Raid panel. The off stage was packed to the brim with WoW players itching to see what Blizzard had in store for one of the world’s best raiding guilds. Neither their skills, organization or any combination of gear was able to overcome the unstoppable force of Hogger.

This year, the panel moved to a more appropriate setting, the main stage. Blizzard complimented the move by adding color commentary, on demand tuning and multiple viewpoints to the feed. Paragon was given four challenges to tackle in a half hour. Three were accomplished without much of a struggle. The epic finale? Fire. It won.

We’ve split up the panel just as Paragon tackled it, in four separate waves. Above you see the first, a nostalgic trip to Molten Core. Hit the jump to see the rest of the challenges.

In the first wave (above) of Blizzard’s newly created conundrum for Paragon the raiding guild is tasked with taking on four bosses from Molten Core at the same time. The bosses were buffed for Level 85 stamina levels, but left untouched otherwise.

Paragon’s second task is the natural progression of Molten Core, BWL. Chromaggus and Lashlayer have their damage subsidized by buddies from UBRS, The Beast and General Drak.

Wave three brought Paragon to the realm of Cataclysm. Four bosses, complete with voiced dialog, taunts and an insane combination of AoE moves gave Paragon more than it could handle.

The fourth, and final, wave saw the attack move to the ramparts of Orgrimmar. Paragon managed to one-shot the final encounter (with a little help from the developers due to time constraints) but each and every member ended up dead. Very dead.

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  1. I saw it live online and it was freaking Awesome. I totally went after the first MC wave wipe “Your Not L33T Enough For Molten Core!” :P

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