BlizzCon 2010: Swag Bag Pictures

BlizzCon swag is always a big deal, sometimes resold on the internet for more than the price of a ticket itselfi! TZKooPA managed to score his bag of junk early, and we’ve got some exclusive high-resolution pictures of its various contents. There’s a full gallery with close-ups of individual items after the jump, but here’s the selection in its entirety:

Not attending the event myself, I couldn’t tell you precisely what each item is, but most of it seems to speak for itself (such as the various coupons and notices). The marquee swag this year seems to be the exclusive 2010 Authenticator, a StarCraft II Trial Edition (though who at the con doesn’t own it already?), and the Dethling, which appears to be a Deathwing-themed statuette (pictures in the gallery). And, of course, who can forget the Murloc Marine portrait and Deathy in-game pet?


  1. Well, it’s probably just a contest. Take the key to the Steelseries booth, stick it into a box, turn it a few times, and see what comes out.

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