BlizzCon 2011: Mike Morhaime Opens The Show

Look kids, it’s Mike Morhaime.

/me pauses for applause/astonishment/pictures.

If you don’t know who that is, take a seat and get educated. Mike Morhaime is one of the founders of Blizzard Entertainment, the company you so obviously have come to know and love. He’s the most forward facing of any of the co-founders, despite his awkwardness at these fan-based conventions. He may not be as silky smooth as Chris Metzen, but really, few can rock sunglasses whenever they damn well please.

Mike’s role, barring the ever-powerful title of CEO, in the company is anything but a holdover. Check out the above video for his opening presentation where he proves it by announcing the crazy WoW Annual Pass, its inclusion of Diablo III and drops his best jokes ever, with only a little bit of awkwardness.

Those public speaking classes are starting to pay off.