BlizzCon 2011: The Goodie Bag & A Constructed Tyrael

Virtual ticket or in meat space, a large reason for “heading” to BlizzCon for many is the superb goodie bag that is included in the ticket price. And it just keeps getting better and better. More free swag, better swag and a roving array of activities kick started by simple included leaflets.

This year, we were meet with an amazing Mini Tyrael statue to celebrate the impeding release of Diablo III, which you can see to your right and in a few shots below. In addition, the LEGO-clone company known as Mega Bloks has entered into a licensing partnership with Blizzard, supplying all attendees with a blocky Thrall and enticing goers with an incredible battle scene inside its booth (below as well). Rounding out the package is your token SteelSeries key, an authenticator, a Diablo III bookmark and some blatant advertisements.