BlizzCon 2015: The Incredible Creative Cosplay Community

BlizzCon 2015 Cosplay

Hopefully everyone has fully recovered from BlizzCon’s first day, if not it’s about time! But just in case you haven’t fully returned to the world of the living and you’re just forsaken around (bit of stretch?) we have a large collection of cosplay for you to indulge in. Also, if you ARE in serious need of medical attention (or resurrection, in this case) I do believe there are one or two Mercy’s below that are willing help.

Okay but seriously, if for some reason your in serious need of medical attention and you haven’t addressed it yet, GET HELP.

Make it to the end? Ah good good. Still hungry for more? Even better! There will be another collection posted tomorrow from BlizzCon’s Day Two, so make sure to stick around! Also, make sure to share which is your favorite cosplay below.