Blue Mars MMO to Use CryEngine2

Finally a MMO that can compete graphically with the big boys, I’m looking in your direction FPS. Blue Mars, by Avatar Reality was first announced back in March of 2007 and has just released the first screenshots of the game. While they look very similar to Crysis ala exotic island and beautiful foliage, but it’s more than just that.

Blue Mars is a online massively multiplayer virtual world (MMVW), not a MMORPG. From what I can tell the game is closer to Second Life then it is World of Warcraft, concentrating more on the social aspects of online gaming then just fighting and killing. The game is set on a terraformed Mars in the year 2177, so you can just imaging what cool stuff you’ll be able to do. From some of the screenshots, it looks like the game will be highly customizable. You can go shopping and pimp out your online self with what ever cloths and accessories your little heart desires and I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same thing to your house or apartment.  There hasn’t been much discussion on the actual game play yet, so I’m not really sure what you can and can’t do, but realistic physics will be a part of what ever it is.

Blue Mars is currently scheduled to go into Beta late 2008, so look for it sometime 2009.


  1. woa, it looks awesome, to bad its gonna be more like second-life.

    Life Simulators, I don’t know about them man, I think the idea is retarded, but apparently it sells very good.

  2. At least by then roughly 10% of the hardcore gaming community will have rigs that can run that engine at a decent resolution with a moderate amount of eye candy.

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