Bright Shadow get a Halloween Expansion

Gamania announce today that not only will Bright Shadow be getting a Halloween expansion, it’ll also be released today. WoW, talk about a quick.

The Bright Shadow world is getting bigger, much bigger, doubling in size with many new areas and dungeons to explore. To boot, the level cap has also been nearly doubled from level 39 to 69.

The new Halloween expansion will introduce a mentor and apprentice system, that should help out newbies while rewarding veterans. However while fighting along side each other, both will also receive an XP boost as well as well as gain familiarity points which can be used to buy titles and capes.

The full list of changes are listed below:

  • 8 new classes (Knight, Demon Slayer, Archer, Gunslinger, Mystic, Illusionist, Taoist, Exorcist)
  • Raised level cap (from 39 to 69)
  • Over 200 new monster cards to collect
  • 1000+ new quests to complete
  • Mentor & Apprentice System
  • 50+ elemental titles and capes to collect

Below we have the Bright Shadow Halloween expansion trailer.