Bungie MMOFPS Revealed – Dated for 2013

Due to the legal battle between Activision and Infinity Ward over the Call of Duty franchise, a document was released to the public which contained information about Bungie and their project, code-named “Destiny”.

Bungie of course split from Microsoft in 2007 and signed a 10 year publishing agreement with Activision/Blizzard, which is why any information about them was even contained in any documents, incase you were wondering.

According to the document, Bungie will release four games starting in 2013 to 2019 and is described as a ‘massively multiplayer-style sci-fantasy action-shooter’. The first game is set to be released on the Xbox 360 and Xbox 720, or whatever they call it, then later on the PS3 in 2014. The second game in the series is then planned for the PC only, with no date attached.

The game is then further described as a ‘client-based mission structures with persisent elements’.

Quite honestly, this doesn’t sound like a MMOFPS in the least, infact is sound like it’s Bungie’s response to CoD Elite, but for Halo.