Call of Duty and GTA MMO?

Well it seems like just about everyone wants to make a MMO these days. A few days ago EGM did an interview with Rockstar founder, Sam Houser, who had this to day about a possible GTA MMO.

“is very, very doable and is a very, very compelling proposition.”

And a few days before that CEO Bobby Kotick of Activision stated this about Call of Duty,

“What would be the natural evolution of a property like Call of Duty into a massively-multiplayer environment and how do you monetize that?”

Although it’s just talk at this point in the game, I do think both of these games could be made into successful MMOs. Lets theorize at what these games might be like.

Call of Duty MMO

No doubt a Call of Duty MMO would be a FPSMMO. While many have tried, most notably Planetside, none have really created a widely successful FPSMMO. Huxley is the next game to give the genre a go and while the graphics do look amazing, that does not mean the gameplay will match. Call of Duty already has a huge following and if the already popular multiplayer maps can be converted into one massive battle field I have no doubt that a Call of Duty FPSMMO would be a huge success.


I think turning GTA into a MMO would be much harder, I mean you can’t have 1000 gangsters running around killing everyone including themselves, it would just be mayhem. Perhaps making cops playable characters would balance the game and turn it into more of a cops vs robbers scenario. I don’t know, that’s the first I could think of.

What do you guys think? Would would these games make good MMOs?


  1. I wouldn’t like to se Call of Duty MMO version. IT is FPS and it should stay as it is. We like it very much right now. Any changing of play style coulc damage the gamers experience.

  2. a mmo version of gta WOULD work limit the players to an amount where chaos wouldnt happen give big bonus’s for vigilante type gameplay have several diferent gangs (with daily/weekly updated missions) so that players are almost forced to play as teams make the city massive (maybe even all 3 citys travel between limited by plane or possibly even bridge for seamlessness) run it on multiple dedicated servers with the same city (for instance 60 players on s1 same on server2 and so on) obviously have mostly npc’s to fill the game world maybe even some commiting crimes as well jst sum ideas from me r they good ideas ?? is it even possible to do ??

    as for a c.o.d mmo i personally think it would ruin an already awesome game but a sort of nazi zombies deadfrontier crossover would be very cool (deadfrontier is an awesome zombie hunting mmo try it its great ) but if they made a fps version it would be superb

  3. A mmo/rpg/fps hybrid as everyone is calling it, is just a thought away. and yes games like Cod would be a good start, but I think games like Fallout 3, and newvegas would be more up my alley.
    Yes you would have to make it to whare you could play as either good or bad, but fallout is already doing that, there bigest thing is making it so it would be multiplayer online. Still they have the most potential, and already have people begging for it.
    another good fps style mmo is Combat arm’s yet free to play online, but has a item shop. They make good money from there game.
    Everyone just needs to get on the ban wagon and tell them we want them to get it done, someone will eventually meet the high demand, and if they dont they will miss out on the vast money that could be made off the thought!

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