CardMon Hero and WYD Events for April


T3Fun is prepping us for a hectic month of April with special in-game events scheduled for CardMon Hero and WYD.

In the card collection MMO Cardmon Hero, it’s a race to kill monsters in the Trial of Time dungeon challenge or a battle for survival via the gauntlet matches of The Rise of Heroes tournament. Trivia fans will also get to flex their mind muscles with the GM-hosted pop quizzes with prizes for providing the correct answers.

Meanwhile, over at the 3D fantasy realms of WYD, there’s a popularity poll and art contest afoot. Players can win prizes when they invite their friends to register for a new account and get voted as the most popular hero in the game. Budding Picassos can also submit stunning illustrations or even screenshots of their character. Easter also brings in the ubiquitous egg hunt event, with festive boxes strewn about the game world ready for the picking.

Keep on checking the official CardMon Hero and WYD websites for more info on these community shindigs for the coming month.