Cataclysm Beta Build 12479 with 31-Point Talent Trees Now Available

Blizzard released a new Cataclysm Beta Build and along with Deepholm now being available for testing, the previously announced pared down talent trees and spec bonuses are available for viewing. The newest addition to the patch notes is as follows:

A first pass on new talent trees has been implemented.

  • Each specialization has been reduced to a 31-point talent tree.
  • Players will now get a total of 41 talent points to spend.
  • 31 points must be spent in the primary specialization tree before any points can be placed in additional trees.
  • Players will be asked to choose a specialization at level 10. Doing so will result in the unlocking of a spell or ability unique to that specialization, as well as one or more passive bonuses.
  • While this is a first pass on all of the talent trees, death knight, druid, paladin, warlock, Arcane mage, and Assassination rogue trees are not as far along as other specializations.
  • More information regarding our plans for talent trees can be found on our Cataclysm forum.

The new trees include some very interesting talents, combined talents, and most multi point talents requiring fewer points for full benefit. MMO-Champion has a talent calculator available with the new, and in my opinion improved, talent trees, so take a look at your favorite class and see what will be changing. Each tree’s passive bonuses are also listed there, so what are you waiting for? Let us know how you feel about these streamlined talent trees. I for one am looking forward to their implementation.


  1. hmm… Marksman hunter seems a little strange at the moment, I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I cant seem to get what I see as an effective build with just 31 points into the tree, I HAVE to take useless talents in order to get to the bottom…
    either a damage increase from killing honor/XP targets (useless at cap) , or a daze comopnent (pretty much useless in pve). More work on the tree methinks. Oh, and I’m a raider, so pvp talents dont count :)

  2. @Stormkiller
    I think I feel almost the same about the Elemental-shammy and Shadow-priest specs. I’d go down that main tree like 35 points, just because all those points ARE useful for that spec. Meaning I can’t go down much in the other trees.

  3. Guys, remember, what may seem useless in pve At The Moment may be a Must Have for cata.

    On another note, it looks like the paladin tanking tree is finally looking viable for solo sources. Good thing too, that divine plea cooldown too manage all mana was a bitch.

  4. I just want Holy spec back for priests. If Chakra isn’t what they say it is, I leveled a priest for nothing.

  5. i was trying to take into consideration the Cata overhaul, but even WITH that in mind, they still seem like they need a LOT of work…

    For example:
    on the same level in the tree (3rd tier).
    silencing shot (1 point)
    Concussive barrage (2 points), successfull Chimera and multi-shots have a 50% chance to daze the target for x seconds. (no use in raidfing PVE)
    Dazzled prey (2 points), increases damage done by steady, chimera, and arcane by x% on dazed targets. (also no use in raiding PVE)

    So, it’s nigh-on impossible to get past the 3rd tier of talents WITHOUT taking what I see as totally useless talents. concussive barrage and Dazzled prey being the ones in question.
    So, it takes AT LEAST 33 points to get to the bottom of the tree if you want any kind of consistency in your talents.

  6. Protect Warrior Tree looks freaking epic.

    I love my new awesome talent “Blood and Thunder”: Rank 2/2 When you Thunder Clap a target affected by your Rend, you have a 100% chance to affect every target with rend.

    Warriors are going to be able to AoE tank finally!

    I’m excited for these changes. Good job on what’s mostly done, Blizzard.

  7. Having just given a breif-ish look and tooled around with some of the new talent trees, I kind of like ’em. Of course, when it comes around to it, the proof will be in the pudding. A couple of things I’d like to point out: Beastmastery is definitly focused on pet damage upfront which is definitly a good thing. There are now more viable sub rogue builds possible without getting too crazy with macros/keybinds. Protpallies look a LOT more streamlined without loosing functionality.

    Do I like them so far? I do. However, I said it before: the proof will be in the pudding. /cross fingers

  8. I’ve gotta say, blizzard have really gone overboard with htis. when i first heard about this i was excited and now they taken away most of the best things in the tlaents trees, especially the warlock ones. Unless they change the trees abit or even completely, i dont think i’ll even play this game anymore. I think thye’ve completely ruined the game .

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