Cataclysm Dungeons: Halls of Origination Preview

Despite the massive info dump unleashed on the internet today, Blizzard is holding a little preview of its own, and surprisingly enough, it’s something that wasn’t featured in that deluge: the Halls of Origination. This new Level 85 dungeon is part of the Egyptian-themed Titan zone, Uldum. It looks a heckuva lot like you’d expect, mixing the slick, technolgical architecture of other Titan strongholds like Ulduar with the dusty and arcane affectations of a Pharaoh’s tomb. It also holds its fair share of secrets…

Of course, where there are ancient artifacts to be discovered, you’ll also find famed Dwarf adventurer, Brann Bronzebeard. Something powerful exists deep within the Halls of Origination, and guess what? You’re going to help him get to it!

According to the descriptions in the preview, the instance is a bit of a doozy, being perhaps as large as some of the old-school dungeons, as well as featuring seven unique boss encounters. Expect to weave through indoor and outdoor areas such as the Maker’s Overlook, Chamber of Prophecy, Tomb of the Earthrager, Vault of Lights, and the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. Much like Ulduar, these all lead up to a hub area with four guardians to face off against: Titan constructs called the Keepers of Magic, Life, Chaos, and Radiance, respectively.

Defeating them, and ensuring the safety of the mysterious artifact they protect, may just save all life on Azeroth! For a few more screenshots, hit the jump!