Cataclysm: Midnight Launch Madness

South Philadelphia, PA

December 6, 2010

Temperature: 31 degrees Fahrenheit

11:35 PM EST

A cold and blustering evening. A crowd gathers in front of a large industrial building in the heart of Philadelphia’s old naval district. The country’s largest derelict vehicle looms nearby. The parking lot is largely empty, save a few cars in idle keeping those inside warm. The automatic doors to Best Buy remain stationary, refusing attempts at thwarting its disabled nature. There’s no hot cocoa in sight and no where to acquire it. Feet shuffle.

“It’s cold,” Captain Obvious points out. And from there, the conversations began. One player is leveling an alt first, foregoing his main until his guild is raid-ready. Another player describes how awesome Cataclysm raiding is going to be. “Hardcore like TBC but without the need to have specific classes. We’ll have to CC, kite; all those skills that the ‘Wrath babies’ don’t know.”

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Two players discuss the changes to the old world, as a third chimes in regarding XP gains. “Cool addition. Leveling will be easier,” a mouse-like voice exclaims. The topic of leveling and character progression dominates the rest of the wait.

A Best Buy employee begans to open the door. As I feel the rush of warm air burst in to the throngs of the dedicated few, an attractive lady approachs and mentions that she’s glad she’ll finally be able to howl at the moon without catching stares. She catches stares.

We hustle through the ratmaze to the registers, grab our boxes and bonus poster and head to our cars. (Almost certainly) Never to hear or see each other again. It was fun while it lasted.

I left those in earshot with a final comment: “FOR THE ALLIANCE!.”


  1. In line as we speak! Sadly everyone around me is as clammed up as a clam… and mall security won’t let us in yet. T-minus 1.5 hours. I think ill spend the time playing angry birds on my phone and chuckling to myself as I eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. There’s always the trivia contest, too.

  2. Bastard! So pissed that at the LAST moment they added the ability to buy the CE and pick it up in-store at midnight… AFTER I Pre-ordered the regular retail.

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