CCP Opens New UK Studio

CCP, the developers behind EVE Online, announced today that they are opening a fourth game studio, CCP Newcastle. It is located in Gateshead Quays UK and will focus on new console development. The founders of CCP Newcastle come from Midway Games and specialize in using the Unreal Engine.

Richard Smith, Technical Director of CCP Newcastle, said about the new addition, “The decision to establish a UK studio was an easy one for CCP. We have been able to assemble a world-class team of console developers with unparalleled Unreal Engine expertise and integrate them with CCP’s global organization.”

CCP Newcastle’s first project will be to work with CCP Asia on the development of DUST 514, CCP’s new console MMORPG/FPS hybrid game. DUST 514 will feature fully dynamic lighting using the Unreal 3 engine.