Champions Online: Comic Series 2: Whiteout Announced

Cryptic Studios released their September “State of the Game” today to discuss some of the updates that took place over the summer and what is in-store for players into the future, including Comic Series 2, which now has a name, “Whiteout”.

It looks like players will be traveling into the great white north as they venture into Canada to investigate mysterious signals interfering with Steelhead’s communications. As you proceed with the investigation you’re interrupted by a spaceship crash landing nearby, which you’ll also need to investigate and leads you into battles with aliens know as Roin’esh. Comic Series 2 is slated for release in early November.

Other update are also planned such as a new mini-arc, Alert missions, which is ahead of schedule, and a review of unarmed powers.

Cryptic also mentioned that the Nemesis system is planned to be further integrated into every aspect of the game including comic series, alerts and future events.

To read the full Champions Online State of the Game, head over to the CO website.