Champions Online State of the Game & Patch Notes Excite

I’ve been critical of Champions Online since securing a 6-month subscription, but that’s because I want it to succeed.  I truly have the purest intentions when I rib on it, turn critic or complain about what it’s lacking.  I want it to grow, rake in money and expand the market.  The last thing I want is another MMOG that’s outside the staple fantasy genre collapsing.

Cryptic Studios tripled up on the news today. Patch notes for the Super Powers Patch were deployed, exciting many.  Most players have not-so-patiently waited for Cryptic to balance the powers of the game.  The Super Powers Patch focuses on just that, putting melee and supernatural powersets in line with the more powerful flexibility and strength powersets.  Balance is definitely the number one aspect of the patch, hence the name, but new content is spread across the universe in the form of missions.  Dozens of them.  Yum.

After delivering on earlier promises, Rekhan decided to make some more.  The latest State of the Game addresses the aforementioned patch itself before beginning the forward-looking revelations State of the Game addresses often make.  The biggest eye opener is an upcoming adventure pack entitled “The Serpent Lantern.”  The Serpent Lantern will hit servers in June and includes veteran rewards, a review to Energy Builders and the addition of difficulty sliders.  Rekhan also announced that the Champions Online website will be receiving an overhaul “that will include a calendar of future updates as well as some navigation and visual improvements.”

Communication is always a plus in my book.

Last, but certainly not least, is the announcement of the Champs Referral Program.  Spam your friends with a 10-day unlimited trial code and if they play at all, then you’ll receive some action figures.  Play together and you’ll both receive an XP buff and other bonuses.  They can do you a huge solid by subscribing, granting you access to costume slots.  The more players that join your referral team the more you earn, ranging all the way to from free subscription time to Cryptic points.

Shameless plug time.  Shoot me a comment if you want to join my team!