City of Heroes: First Ward Overview

The next game update, Issue 21: Convergence, is heading to City of Heroes and with it it brings a new zone, the First Ward.  Today Cryptic released an overview of the history of the First Ward and what players can expect from it.

The quick version is below, but if you want to read the full story with all the details, head over to the COH site.

The First Ward was the first of the new cities that would be the seed from which the city of Praetoria would blossom.  It was build with sonic fence around it that was supposed to keep the Devouring Earth from destroying the city.  When the attack came, the fence held them back at first, but eventually they came from the ground up and devastated the city with  massive tentacles.  The save the few citizens that survived, the fence would be turned in on the ground which would produce a catastrophic frequency loop and it worked.

Years later the First Ward is a ghost town where the spirits of the dead linger and is filled with magical forces.

Is it just mean or does building a fence never work?  They always seem to get you from underneath these days.