City of Heroes Issue 21: Convergence Overview

Issue 21: Convergence will be City of Heroes first content update since making the switch to free-to-play and today we have new details as to what will be included.

Up first is the new zone called the First Ward, which was already announced over the summer. The First Ward holds Emperor Coles biggest secret and players will need to venture into this devastated city to explore its wastelands to find out what it is.

Within the First Ward, players will come face to face with the Seed of Hamidon, a new giant monster that roams the skies above the city. Players will face off against it during massive zone events to earn rare rewards.

At level 50, players can partake in a new Incarnate Trial called The Underground. Underneath the city lies the hidden lair of the Devouring Earth and Emperor Coles dark secret. Team up with the Rogue Desdemona, battle against the Devouring Earth and face off against the Avatar of Hamidon in the final battle.

Issue 21 also adds a new power set, Time manipulations for Defenders and a secondary set for Controllers, Corrupters and Masterminds. The new set will be available for free for all VIP players.

Two new costume sets will also be included, IDF and Defense.  The IDF set gives players access to the power armor worn by the IDF troopers, while the Defense set offers a sleeker, skintight option to emphasize aerodynamics.

A new co-op tutorial has also been added to help introduce new players to City of Heroes and to test their moral choices that will determine whether they become a hero or villain.

All players will gain access to the new First Ward zone, however only VIP members will be able to play the missions.

Below was have some new screenshot of City of Heroes Issue 21: Convergence, showing off the new zone, costumes, power set, new monster and the new starting tutorial location.

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