Combat Arms Hits 3 Yrs Old and 1 Billion Headshots

Yesterday marked the three year anniversary for Combat Arms, Nexon’s online FPS.  In those three years, more than 5 millions accounts were registered, nearly 9 billion matches played and 1.25 billion headshots were recorded.  To put that in perspective that’s about 1/5 of the entire human population being headshotted.  BOOM! HEADSHOT!  Can you imagine hearing that 1.25 billion times?

Actually when you look at the stats, that’s a horrible headshot percentage.  Nine billion matches and only 1.25 billion headshots… are Combat Arms players blind?  That can’t be right, that’s 1 headshot for every 7.2 matches.

Anyway to celebrate the milestone players will be rewarded with Third Anniversary-branded gear and weapons after participating in special events. For the biggest anniversary event, special dog tags with a specific letter will be rewarded spelling out the phrase ‘COMBAT ARMS 3RD.’ After collecting a certain amount of these dogtags, players can win special prizes, including a brand new epic weapon called Azazel, a rare elite assault rifle that can only be obtained after participating in Third Anniversary events