Convince Friends to Play Rift & Get a Corgi, Feather in a Cap and Apocalyptic Steed

Trion Worlds has just announced two separate systems to enable players to slowly indoctrinate their friends in to the religious/technophobic world of Telara. First up is the token 7-day Free Trial. Getting your friend to sign-up for a free game is the easy part, and it nets you nothing but the satisfaction knowing that you’ve become a puppeteer. To become a true puppet master your stringed plaything must succumb to a full purchase of Rift, binding her very soul (her account) to yours (your account).

Fear not, the connection process is more symbiotic than parasitic. Both the plaything and playmaster will be rewarded for participating in the Ascend-a-Friend promotion. Masters will be given a Courage Companion Pet in the guise of a Corgi for their first referral, followed by a fancy Trailblazer’s Hat and firey Swift Ember Steed for the second and third respective Ascendants. Meanwhile, each Ascendee will obtain an “exclusive” title, “The Chosen,” to denote their puppet status. Mutually beneficial is the ability to teleport to one another’s location (30 minute cooldown).

Players attempting to lord over their friends should login to their account and hit the Ascend-a-Friend banner on the right. Doing so will give access to a few different pre-constructed tools for inviting friends and e-friends wholesale. Awards will be distributed when Spoils of War (Patch v1.2) is released.

Or, ya know, if you just wanna join me in unholy matrimony, you can use this blue bit of text.

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