Craft of Gods: Live Service Opens

Craft of Gods, a new MMO set in a world based on Slavic mythology and created by Russian game designers Cyberdemons and produced by Kalicanthus Entertainment has officially opened its live service after a successful beta development process.

Craft of Gods (say it in a Russian accent, its great) is set in the world of Akvilon, a massive continent made up of deserts, mountains, ice lands, forests featuring 25 different maps. There are hundreds of different monsters to battle including over 70 unique creatures such as epic serpents and deadly dragons. Craft of Gods features 6 playable races which are constantly at war, mainly separated over which religion they follow, Svarog or the Black Snake. Hmmmm, wonder which one is the evil side?

Craft of Gods boasts that real-time interactions and instances will make up much of the game play. There are 14 different professions or skill sets with 15 different abilities each for a total of 210 powers, giving Craft of Gods a nice mix of abilities.

There are also houses and villages to build while attending one of the 8 “crafting schools” – something a kin to your choosen profession.

Travel is either on foot, or by mount. One neat aspect of the travel is that almost any animal in Craft of Gods can be tamed and riden giving a lot of variety in how you get around.

There are dungeons to explore, areas dedicated to the battle between Svarog and the Black Snake where if players complete certain tasks, the Gods will recognize him as a hero and bless them with the rank of “Demigod” – providing some of the most powerful abilities in the game.

For more on Craft of Gods Live Service Opens, visit their offical website.