Create an Ultimate Explorer, Tame Von Leon in Maplestory's AfterShock Update


After treating us to three new classes in the Big Bang update, MapleStory is now giving a character unlock reward to dedicated Cygnus Knight players. Once a Cygnus Knight character hits the max level 120, its owner will unlock the Ultimate Explorer which is a new character that can be played immediately at level 50, saving hours of level grinding. To make the climb to 120 easier for all Cygnus Knights, Nexon has equipped them with new skills like the Empress’ Shout and Empress’ Prayer.

Aside from letting you create your own Ultimate Explorer, the Aftershock Update also improves contribution tracking for guilds and delivers a new boss fight against Black Mage lieutenant Von Leon also known as the Red Lion King. High-level characters will be able to lay siege to his castle, while lowbies will have to settle for Von Leon’s dangerous pet Ani. The Aftershock update is now live, so start gunning for those Ultimate Explorers now.