Dark Age of Camelot Overhauling Classic Drops

Michael Knudson, a new member of the Dark Age of Camelot development team, announced today in a developer diary that Dark Age of Camelot is overhauling its classic world drops. This follows a pattern we’ve seen recently with older MMOs revisiting original segments of the game in order to, as Knudson puts it, “breathe new life” into them.

Probably the most famous current revitalisation project is World of Warcraft‘s Cataclysm expansion, but it appears to be something MMOs of a certain age have to go through. Knudson himself mentioned that many of the items in DAoC’s classic world are now completely obsolete, and the same is true of most games that expand on their existing world – the older content is forgotten for all but those just now levelling up. I think maintaining interest in the entire game is a vital step in keeping a game’s population happy and active, so I expect only good things of this news.

For more information, visit the Camelot Herald site.