Darkfall Releases Expansion Details

This morning Darkfall developer Tasos posted a number of details about the upcoming expansion to Aventurine SA’s popular MMO. He started off with the most important detail: the launch date! The Darkfall development team hopes to have the new content available to players by July 18th.

The expansion mostly addresses the PvE side of Darkfall, including new monster types, new tactics, and new spawns. The current dungeons will be overhauled and given new tie-in questlines. This expansion will also include new tutorial quests, treasure maps, and ship types.

Additionally the terrain and texture system will be completely updated, giving the world of Darkfall a new and improved look. The graphics updates were anticipated to be released in Darkfall 2010 (?), but the company has decided to instead release the changes as soon as they are done.

Tasos promises that more details on these features will be shared between now and July 18th. Keep an eye on MMOCrunch for further developments!