Darkfall's New Siege System Revealed

Today Aventurine announced that the new Siege System for Darkfall Online has been completed and is “going through final testing“.  Now that all the pieces are in place, details as to how the new siege system will work have finally been revealed.

The start of a siege remains the same, two clans need to be at war and the attackers must use a clan shard near the clan stone it intends to capture.  Most everything else will be different.

Below is a rundown of the new siege system.  To read the full details, head over to the Darkfall blog.

  • Size Matters – A siege against a city will require more members than a siege against a hamlet.  Trial accounts do not count.
  • War ain’t cheap – Once a shard is activated, a wager must be placed to begin.  Gold will be taken straight from the clan bank and all attackers will need to pay a wager as well to initiate the challenge.
    • The wager amount is affected by the defenders holding’s power level.
      • The holding power level is determined by how many standing buildins the clan has.
    • The wage is also affected by how many attackers are part of the challenge.
      • The first challenging clan is not affected, however the second challanger and onwards will have to pay a higher wager fee. There is not cap to how many challenging clans there are, but it will get expensive
    • Joining a challenge late will result in a higher wagers.
    • Joining multiple challenges will result in a higher wagers.
  • Once a challenge has been declared, the attackers will have a specific amount of time to place at least one siege stone.
  • Anyone can declare siege against anyone else at any time.
    • This means if you are sieging a holding and also own your own, you can be sieged while your are sieging someone else.
    • If a clan drops a siege, the defenders may benefit from a wager reduction  if they decide to pay you back in kind while your offensive action against them is active.
  • Preparations – Once a stone is placed, siege preparations begin.
  • A certain percentage of walls will need to be destroyed before the clan stone goes vulnerable
  • If any stones are destroyed by any of the other attackers that are participating in that specific challenge (or defender), then the destroyer’s clan will be getting a percentage of the wager paid by the siege-stone owner, right there and then.
    • Attackers that have all their siege stones destroyed, while the clan stone still stands, are removed from the challenge and are not entitled to any of the wager money.
  • If the clan stone is destroyed before the challenge times out, holding ownership will pass on to whichever of the clans that had issued a challenge did the most damage.
    • The wager money will be divided between all attackers that still had an active challenge against the holding when the clan stone got destroyed.
    • Damage dealt to the clan stone will affect the percentage of the wager each attacker will get.
  • If all the attackers’ siege stones are destroyed or the challenge times out while the clan stone still stands then the defenders have won and they will be receiving all the wager money.