DCUO Executive Producer Welcomes Back with Game Update 3 Reveals


Along with its sibling titles from Sony Online Entertainment, DC Universe Online went back online this week and its executive producer Lori Jameson wrote a welcome back post meant to reassure fans that while the “downtime has caused our publish schedule to shift a bit”, development work is chugging along.

In the letter, Mr. Jameson rattled off the content coming in the now-delayed Game Update 3, like the inclusion of an Oolong Island hard mode alert, a tightly tuned Ra’s al Ghul encounter, and a spring brawl between Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing.

Still, the main attraction for Update 3 is the Two-Face-themed duo instance, where the erratic coin-flipper ventures into the sewer lair of The Penguin, setting up what seems to be a four-way free-for-all between heroes, villains and the two crime bosses. Radioactive shapeshifter Clayface also makes a cameo.

Mr. Jameson then teases the new Raid series in Game Update 4 as being set in a “somewhat crystalline location”, a description that brought up the Fortress of Solitude in my mind’s eye. Read the producer’s letter for the full teaser details, complete with MegaServer pimping and all.