Details for Runes of Magic’s Two New Classes Revealed

The fifth chapter for Runes of Magic, Fires of Shadowforge,  is only weeks away and today Frogster decided it was time to reveal more information about the two new classes, the Warlock and Champion. Both classes are available only to the Dwarf race.

Champions have the ability to transform into a Runic Robot, which allows for additional magic and ability attacks and makes the champ very effective at taking damage.  Being a Dwarf, the Champion will have access to their blacksmithing skills, allowing him to equip powerful weapons and armour. Armaments embedded with runes offer even more protection without forfeiting mobility. The Champion is at heart a tank class, but with enough damage output to hold his own in attacking.

The Warlock on the other hand is a range attacker who is able to sap strength from its enemies.  Overall the Warlock is a support class who can aid allies with buffs, but if need be can take the role of a ranged DPS class.



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