Diablo 3: Diary of Torak the Barbarian, pg 2

Warning: The Diary of Torak posts are roleplaying posts and will likely contain spoilers.  If you don’t want your campaign potentially spoiled, please play the game first then return see Torak’s adventure unfold. You have been warned.

“I asked the guard captain how I could help them fight these undead creatures. Rumford admired my courage, but warned me that Captain Daltyn and his militia were slaughtered by these things and that he was the only one who survived. I gave it some thought; I would avenge his fallen warriors, for that is the honorable thing to do. He gave an agreeing nod and told me that I needed to strike down the so called Wretched Mothers and their Queen. Apparently those creatures vomit up the other undead creatures I have been seeing.

At that moment the barricade was attacked again. I quickly helped them dispatch the enemies. At that moment Rumford pointed out one of these Wretched Mothers. From a distance these creatures looked like handmaidens and as I got closer, it started to vomit up some of these undead creatures, which turned by stomach. Before I left Rumford told me one last thing, to find this queen I needed to follow the road to the Old Ruins.

This road was filled with dangers, but these dangers were met with steel. One of these dangers was an undead creature that I had not seen before, after I cleaved it with my axe it’s torso and arms still went after me. One swift attack though and these creatures lay silently dead on the floor. During my travel I came across a Musty Cellar, I made sure to check it out to make sure it was safe for others, I saw some young Quill Fiends which indicated that there was a nest close-by. This nest was dealt with swiftly, making sure New Tristram was ever slightly safer.

One of these Wretched Mothers carried a sword with it which wasn’t as weathered as my axe, so I decided to toss away my old, trusty axe in exchange for the new sword. After arriving at the Old Ruins I saw the Queen, she looked stronger than her sisters. This battle was going to be a challenge which just further pumped me up for it. After I dispatched of the Queen I walked around the Old Ruins, recognizing it as Old Tristram. This made me remember that Diablo once walked here, now he would have been a challenge worthy to talk about, sadly though, that tale already has a hero. After I walked the entirety of the town I saw that one of the cellar doors was open, I quickly went inside to check if more of these Wretched Mothers were there, in the end nothing was down there but dead bodies.

After journeying back to New Tristram and I told Rumford that the Wretched Mothers have been dealt with he thanked me for helping and threw me some money for compensation. I would have done it for nothing but the thrill, but still, the money was a nice extra. He then asked me if I could talk some sense into Leah because she still wanted to find her Uncle. I responded by saying that she should indeed not give up and that I was going to help her find him.”

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