Disney Buys Social Gaming Leader; Playdom

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As of today, The Walt Disney Company has decided to acquire Playdom, a leader in social browser gaming.  Playdom is a casual games/entertainment company who mainly puts their time and resources into such games like Mobster and Social City.  Most of their games are available to play on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Myspace.  It should also be noted that Playdom has recently acquired another casual games company before being picked up by Disney.  Playdom recently bought out Acclaim who, as of today, also works under Disney’s command.  As we recently posted, Acclaim is working on a ‘hardcore’ action MMO for Facebook (snicker).

Disney hopes that by now owning Playdom, they will establish new ways for consumers (and now players) to intereact with the company through social networking websites.  Robert Igar (Disney’s CEO) talks about the potential of partnering with such an established company like Playdom.  This will hopefully bring together the talent of Playdom with the creativity of Disney.  Who knows, we could be seeing a Mickey Mouse MMO in the near future because of this match up.

Disney also mentions that they would love to bring their universe to a wider audience by creating fun and exciting adventures while exploring the rich history of the Disney and Marvel universe.  That’s right, don’t forget that Disney is also the owner of Marvel.  So a new Marvel game is still a possibility among other Disney franchises.  Disney hopes to bring these great new games to the public through the platforms of your choice.  A casual cell phone game would be one example of a platform that is planned on being used.

Playdom and Disney both agree that they share the same goal of bringing people together across a wide variety of platforms, along with reaching out to make something that is fun for all age groups.  We are hoping to see some developments from the two in the near future; and for everyone that is heavily into browser games, keep your fingers crossed for that Marvel MMO you have always dreamed of.

Click here for more info on the merging, and be sure to keep up to date on mmocrunch.com for future news and updates.


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