DoTA-Inspired Realm of the Titans Begins Closed Beta Registrations

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Taking a refreshing angle on the Action Strategy genre, Aeria Games has officially begun Closed Beta testing for Realm of the Titans. ROTT is a DoTA-inspired F2P title, boasting a “robust statistics & record tracking” system, among other things. Check past the cut for more details & screenshots.

In addition to dynamic battlefields and “enhanced” item purchasing, ROTT is offering state-of-the-art ranking systems which tie into a brand new matchmaking system that Aeria has developed. With sophisticated AI, Realm of the Titans replaces any dropped players with an intelligent NPC that can execute tactics and long-term strategy. Once the dropped player finds his/her way back online, they can seamlessly switch back into the game.

We can expect to choose from dozens of player skills, spells, custom key bindings, and much more. If you’re a DoTA fan, but none of the current offshoots have quenched your thirst, stop by the official site to sign up for a beta invite.

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