Dragon's Prophet Announced

Runewalker Entertainment, the development team behind Runes of Magic, has launched a new website for their newest MMORPG, Dragon’s Prophet.

Not a lot of information has been released so far, other than a trailer which you can watch below, however some was released to a Taiwanese website gnn.gamer.com.tw. It seems players will be able to capture dragons by jumping onto their backs and if they can stay on, form a bond with it and capture it.

There will be different types of dragons to capture, each with their own characteristics. They will not only be used as mounts, but will aid the player in combat by providing addition capabilities. For example, a “tank dragon” will enhance your characters physical defensive¬†capabilities, so the role you play in a group is not determined by your character, but by the type of dragon you capture.

It also seems the dragons themselves will be trainable where players will be able to increase their skills such as running speed and attack power.

Dragon’s Prophet will be a free to play title and is scheduled for release sometime in 2012.