Dreamland Online: Alpha Test

Dreamland Online

Starting Wednesday, November 10th (we have received a note from a Dreamland Online representative, stating that the actual release date is November 19th) Dreamland Online goes into its Alpha test phase; bringing gamers a pretty, pretty side-scrolling, 3D MMORPG all wrapped up in a chibi-tastic, anime influenced design.

Dreamland Online is free-to-play and boasts a whole host of quirky, in-game action, from tradable, fusible, customizable pets, to a slew of mounts that not only run the gamut between raptors and robots, but can also aid the player in more ways than just getting her from here to there.

Gameplay can be experienced in eight different themed zones (from Mushroom Village to Misty Forest) with quests and specialized tasks.  There’s plenty of combat, of course, but players can also choose from a number of game-enhancing leisure and social pursuits like in-game marriage, fishing and home building.

There’s also PvP for those intent on testing their mettle against their friends, and plenty of adventure to entertain both hardcore and not so hardcore gamers alike.

Alpha test keys have been made available to would-be play testers via the game’s Facebook page.  Once in, players can get limited edition mounts and will have a chance to win prizes, plus mall credits worth 30 Dollars U.S. for use during the eventual Closed Beta.