Dynasty Warriors Online Goes Into Open Beta

Aeria Games has recently started the open beta phase for its hack-and-slash free-to-play MMO, Dynasty Warriors Online. North American and European players can download the game and log in freely, for a glimpse of DWO or to help the devs in the final beta phase before the official release.

Dynasty Warriors Online offers such a tremendous action, through massive combats against what it seems to be an endless horde of enemies. The game is not realistic at all, in its combat style I mean, but appears to be more like a tribute to China’s fantasy heroes, with exaggerated fights featuring impossible moves. The result, though, is very appealing and makes me want to get myself into those frenzy battles.

If you feel like crushing a bunch of bad guys, using very cool martial arts moves, go to the Dynasty Warriors Online website, where you can register and download the game. Is not like the game hasn’t anything more to offer than this thrilling hack-and-slash action, you can develop a character in this beta phase and all your “work” will persist once the game launches definitely.

While you try the open beta, you can enjoy some of the new features:

  • Three entirely new weapons (Iron Sword, Tyrant Sword, Nine Tails), and two new ranks for every existing weapon
  • Four new player ranks, new player guilds
  • Two new mission maps, co-op quests
  • Twice as much gear as before
  • Original Japanese voices, by popular demand

Dynasty Warriors Online wants you to join the open beta. If you feel like doing it, prepare yourself for such a frenetic action you’ll end up dazed.