E3 2010: End of Nations Developer Interview & Gameplay

iTZKooPA took two steps left, fixed his hair and adjusted his larynx before jumping into a discussion with Chris Lena, a Senior Producer for Trion Worlds, about End of Nations.  The two discussed the finer points of End of Nations, the upcoming MMORTS from Petroglyph Games.

The Senior E3 Correspondent admits to having a soft spot for Petroglyph, because the company was founded by a group of Westwood staffers disenfranchised by Electronic Arts’ leadership (the studio was ultimately closed).  Westwood happens to be the company that hooked iTZKooPA to PC gaming with its seminal line of RTS titles.

End of Nations pairs the company’s excellent track record of RTS design – as Westwood and Petroglyph – with its new-found interest in the MMOG market.  The title is scheduled for release in 2011.

Petroglyph has another MMOG in the works, the free-to-play Mytheon for 2010.  The mythological MMORPG is being published by True Games.


  1. Wow, this game looks very nice. If it’s anything like Command and Conquer, it’s going to be awesome. Can’t wait to try it out, looks fun and something similar to Tom Clancy’s EndWar that I loved so much.

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