E3 2010: The Contest – Results & Answers

Shirts have been folded, inserts inserted and posters rolled.  The boxes of SWAG for the E3 2010: The Contest have been postmarked and left with the friendly mailman, marking the absolutely official end of the largest (and most expensive) contest in LoreHound.com’s illustrious history.

There were not nearly as many entries as we had hoped, but we figure that’s because the contest was so darn difficult.  After all, one video had the glasses appear for a scant few seconds, the last seconds of the episode.  A pair of others had the glasses on someone else.  A healthy portion used the setting itself, be it lighting or colors, to mask the presence of my nerd specs until the right moment, or the glasses are best located when searching for an odd reflection.  We procured a lot of SWAG, and we felt it was only fair to make you work for it.

Plus, we like being creative with our contests.

Below the jump you’ll find the written information guiding you to the Lucky brand visual enhancers. Further down you can browse a gallery that highlights exactly where the intricately cut and framed pieces of plastic reside.

Need more SWAG?  We’re currently running a PAX Prime 2010 contest.  A very easy one, I might add.  Always keep an eye out on our Contest page for information on future, current and past contests.

Before we go, congrats to our winners!  Winners that just so happen to be longtime commentators.

  1. Rift: Planes of Telara (time: 0:40 (after commercial); location: developer is wearing them)
  2. End of Nations (time: 0:40 (after commercial); location: on top of the keyboard)
  3. Global Agenda (time: 1:32; location: on my face)
  4. Battle of the Immortals (time: 5:02; location: appear on top of the keyboard)
  5. Forsaken World (time: 2:01; location: hanging from a cutout below the monitor, I back out of the way)
  6. Heroes of Three Kingdoms (time: 6:22; location: developer walks in on left side of me with them on)
  7. Lord of the Rings Online (time: 0:40 (after commercial); location: hanging from my lanyard)
  8. DC Universe Online (time: 3:54; location: behind the controller he picks up)
  9. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (time: 0:36 (after commercial); location: hanging from the bottom of the monitor)
  10. The Agency (time: 5:25 ; location: on top of the monitor)
  11. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (time: 2:20; location: to the left of the screen, on a chair’s arm that is in the background)
  12. Jumpgate Evolution (time: 0:35 (after commercial) ; location: middle of the frame, top of the screen above Lance)
  13. TERA (time: 5:26; location: in my left hand as I switch the mic to it)


  1. Definitley expensive :)
    Once I receive the package, I’ll be making a donation via paypal, as you guys had to send the swag all the way across the pond to the UK.
    Thanks for the emails btw, you made my week :)

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