E3 2011: A Perfect (Media) Dump

Perfect World Entertainment refuses to take a break. The publisher recently released Forsaken World across the globe and has not slowed down. The company displayed not one, but two conventional MMOGs at E3 2011 last week, including a third title that strays from the company’s pedigree.

Above you see the trailer for RaiderZ, an action game in the vein of Vindictus. The title’s most distinguishable feature is the character customization. The game is designed to feature no lockouts, not by gender, race or class. You can mix and match abilities from the healer archtype with DPS and tanks schools to create an abomination of a jack of all trades. Once created, your character can tour the world hunting monstrous beasts in the Unreal 3 Engine and NVIDIA PhysX.

Hit the jump the see the return of Blacklight, Perfect World first FPS title, and Rusty Hearts, an MMORPG that features sidescrolling combat but a normal 3D MMOG overworld.