E3 2011: New Footage from SW:TOR Belsavis Raid

Rabid for more footage from Star Wars: The Old Republic? We now have a little bit more to feed you, courtesy of GameTrailers.com.

First up, check out this new trailer on the Belsavis raid that shows you what some of the later-game challenges you’ll be up against.

And if that doesn’t get you pumped, this will: BioWare is ramping up excitement about The Old Republic with an on-camera interview with Gabe Amatangelo, lead PvP designer for the game. The interview is a good starting point to get up to speed on the game for anyone who hasn’t been following the news as it comes out. But he also talks a bit about the Belsavis raid as the video shows clips from the trailer above. He explains about how the raid centers around an ancient prison that has a compromised security situation.

Beyond the raid, the video also has a couple of clips of other scenes, including some from a world which Star Wars fans will be very interested to see in-game: Alderaan. And Amatangelo also talks a little bit about the aspects of the game that he thinks will draw in both experienced MMO players and those who are new to the genre.

Click through to watch.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is set for release at some point this year, but BioWare has yet to put an exact date on the table. Which makes me think it will be for the holidays — but who knows.


  1. A lack of a date at E3 makes me think it won’t be out this year, we’ll be lucky if we get this game in our hands in even an open beta form by early 2012, maybe Spring next year for a release, I haven’t looked at the projected EA title releases for the rest of the year and next year, but EA is going to release this when they have no other AAA titles around it to ensure full market coverage.

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