E3 2011: Vanillaware Unveils Dragon’s Crown, Co-op RPG for PlayStation 3 and Vita

Although not one of the stars of E3, I’m hoping that Dragon’s Crown will be one of those great little hidden gems. The game was introduced to audiences briefly at E3 2011 yesterday in videos showcasing the PlayStation Vita, and not the game’s official website gives us a few more details on what it’s all about.

This is one cute little 2D RPG with an awesome hand-drawn art style that I am oh-so-looking-forward-to. Dragon’s Crown comes from Vanillaware, the same developer responsible for the irresistible games Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The former, in particular, drew me in enough to add it to my favorite-games-of-all-time list. The action, the story, the mechanics and fruit-growing mini-game of sorts all were right up my alley. So I have high hopes that Dragon’s Crown, as well.

Dragon’s Crown, anticipated for a Spring 2012 release date, allows up to four players connect can connect from around the world to play cooperatively via Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita. Although not an MMO, I’m curious to see how the coop feature plays out in RPG form, which still isn’t the most obvious choice for co-op gameplay, at least on consoles. Check out the official website, and watch the trailer below, our first glimpse into the game.