E3 2015: The Top 10 Items that Bring Excitement!


It’s that time of year again … when I wish I had something resembling an immune system so I could hop on over to E3 and see the new video games being announced. All of my social feeds are buzzing with excitement as information is revealed, and while I’m not much of a single player player, I’ll admit to watching the various unveilings with interest. There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of a good game.

Top Ten Reasons I’m Digging E3 This Year:

10: Fable: Legends. I’ve always enjoyed the Fable series. Molyneux’s over-promising and under-delivering has set it lower on my list, but he’s no longer at Lionheart, so who knows how this one will turn out?

9: The Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve been having fun with this one, so I’m looking forward to more content. Cyrodiil! Can’t wait to see it.

8: Fallout 4. Why is it so high on the list? If you can figure it out – let me know! I’ve always wanted to like the Fallout series. But I’ve never managed to entirely warm to them, despite their being so far into my general strike zone. This series is always on my watch list, even though I can never manage to raise much anticipation.

7: Sword Coast Legends. This year is on the legendary side! It’s hard not to look forward to new games with dungeon mastering built in – hopefully this one will be the one to manage making creating adventures for players to run through easy enough that anyone will have fun doing it!

6: Journey. Exploring grand worlds and investigating ancient civilizations. Count me in. The great news for those who already own it – anyone who purchased this on the ps3 will be granted a free copy of the port.

5: Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. Yup. I like to farm and raise animals. That surprises a lot of people – most seem to expect a litany of nothing but games like the next two this list – but I’m pretty excited about this one!

4: Below. Described as a combination of The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls – Yeaaaah… I am totally in.

3: Dark Souls 3. You had to know I’d put this punishing game series on a list of things I’m looking forward to.

2: The HoloLens is real! It’s coming! Very little is known about compatible games with Microsoft’s virtual headset, but thus far we’ve had announcements about a deal with Unity, and the demonstrations of virtual MineCraft look pretty cool. Just imagine chilling on the couch building palaces on the coffee table. I can’t wait for the virtual MMOs… This should really be number 1. Any other year it would be. But …

1: Shenmue!! Shenmue … that glorious game that pioneered, redefined, had a great influence on the open world games that I am so very fond of is making its return. 1 day into its campaign, and it’s already nearing spitting distance of 3 million, exceeding its goal of 2 million. Sony has announced it will be backing the rest of development funding – making this kickstarter campaign little more than a hype machine. On another day I’d probably have an introspective about that, but for the moment – it’s official! We’ll be seeing another Shenmue!

There are plenty more exciting games being announced and displayed, and iTZKooPA is there right now, so he’ll have some first hand tales coming up! Stay tuned!

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