EA Partners up with Aeria Games

EA announced today they are teaming up with Aeria Games to distribute EA’s free-to-play games. EA, whose own portal play4free.com hasn’t really taken off, is partnering up with Aeria Game for more exposure.

The first title to launch on Aeria’s portal is Battlefield Heroes, a F2P third-person shooter, with more titles appearing in the future such as Need for Speed World, BattleForge, Lord of Ultima and other EA Free2Play titles.

We are thrilled to add EA titles to our portfolio of games, and what better game to launch with to celebrate this partnership than Battlefield Heroes,” said Lan Hoang, Chief Executive Officer, Aeria Games. “EA continues to champion the free-to-play space and their Play4Free games deliver quality, diversity and fun from recognizable IPs so we look forward to supporting their titles through our network resulting in access to millions of additional new power gamers.

“Distribution of Battlefield Heroes on Aeria Games’ Network is a natural next step as we expand the Play4Free brand,” said Sean Decker, Vice President of Play4Free. “Aeria Games is a frontrunner in the free-to-play games business and our titles will benefit tremendously as they reach the ever-growing global market.”

Good move for EA if you ask me and a huge pickup for Aeria Games. Now EA just needs to drop Origin and get with Valve’s Steam.


  1. I am a loyal BF franchise fan. I am pretending that BF Heroes was never made. Such a joke. Instead of updating BF2 servers, or making more fluid transitions between their box titles, they spend money on that crap. Basically, that game is this: HAve shot gun shoot guy 5 times in face, he is lvl 3, you are lvl, it is rpg now, so your shot gun does nothing… It is not even a shooter as much as it is achilds chat room.
    They have Battlefield free to play. Another F2P title based on BF2. I played, but after the last 2 patches (tuned the cash to give huge advantages over the rest, lack of maps, boring game lay, unbalanced matches(… I QUIT. I found a solid gem in the shooter genre. Unless they get greedy, War Inc. Battlezone, is the best FPS shooter right now (only if you like tactical shooters, if you like to bunny hop and play twitchbased crap, then dont come here. This is for the big boys).

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