Earth Eternal to be put up for Auction; Sparkplay Media dissolved

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Yesterday, a deeply saddened Matt Mihaly (CEO of Sparkplay Media) informed players that Earth Eternal is clinging to life in the absence of funding. While Earth Eternal itself will be put up for auction and possibly maintained, Sparkplay Media is no more, as Mihaly himself and another unnamed individual are all that is left of the entire staff. It is more than likely that the company will cease to exist by this time next week.

This past weekend came as a crippling blow, as the last prospective investor backed out and Sparkplay was left to it’s own devices. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the words of Mihaly himself,

I’m sorry. I’ve failed you despite my best efforts. I’ve never worked harder in my life, but it wasn’t enough. Things that we planned on happening didn’t, and things we didn’t plan on happening did.

Mihaly will be shutting down all credit sales, while setting all non-permanent items in the credit shop to cost nothing. Current EE players should jump in, grab these freebies, and show the game some love before Mihaly returns with news later this week. Read his entire post here.


  1. This is a crushing blow to me. I have been a long time lover of this MMO and I really hope this game can live on. The only good thing about this is the freebies, everything else is just BS. I mean, the new staff members, what if they’re really stubborn? The old staff, was really, and I sincerly mean, really nice. Not stubborn at all. But all we can do for now is wait and see. And also, I think that most of your would probably not consider this a reply, but a review. Lol.


  2. it was such a good game it got to the point when the gmae was running really smooth ad great then it got shut down :(

  3. Earth Eternal was a really, well developed game. Im sad to see it close so early. I rather have that game than Runescape or PandaMedia Booster Games. We may see Earth Eternal again since it went up for auction. Dont keep your hopes all the way down.

  4. If they had been intelligent at all in marketing this game they would’ve released it for the mac simultaneously with the pc version, why? Because tons of mac gamers were stoked when they heard it would support the mac, and then to no avail we got nothing… If they had marketed the game hard towards the apple gamers they would’ve done fine, some reasons why:

    1) Apple has no free mmo’s that are even worth touching, especially no browser games. And don’t give the runescape bullshit, the game sucks and it cost money each month to get anything worth having.

    2) The PC has tons of free mmo’s, if you type in free PC mmo’s on google you’ll get hundred if not thousands of results. That means tons of competition and no offense but there are a ton of PC games that have better graphics and are more appealing to hardcore gamers unlike the cartoony stylings of EE. With apple there would be no competetion in the world f2p with pc’s there’s tons. That was ultimately the fatal mistake that they made.

    3) The whole idea of a real mmo in the form of a browser game is a great idea, but any downloadable mmo is going to have better graphics and be more expansive, and have a lot less lag then any browser game.

    I’m sure I could go more in depth but that’s pretty much the main problems. I really honestly hope someone picks it up and runs it properly, hell if I had the money I’d buy it and run it hard towards mac and simply leave the pc version available.

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