Eden Eternal Item Giveaway

MMOCrunch and Aeria Games are teaming up for an in-game item giveaway for Eden Eternal players. MMOCrunch is setting up three in-game giveaway events where players will have the opportunity to receive free Aeria Points (AP) and in-games items for Eden Eternal.

The three events will take place on the following dates.

Tuesday, June 7 @ 5-6pm PDT
Friday, June 10 @ 7:30-8:30pm PDT
Wednesday, June 15 @ 5-6pm PDT [Canceled]

Players are to meet on the Emerald Server, Channel 3 at NPC Madam Cynthia, this is basically where the character is spawned after creation.  There a GM will be waiting.  To participate in the giveaway players must greet the GM with the words, “mmocrunch!”.

The GM will then select players at random to hand out AP and in-game items.  The AP points will not become available however until Eden Eternal goes live.  See you there.

For those of you who do not have a closed beta key yet, head over to our Eden Eternal CB key giveaway page to get one.


  1. but what happends if my char is in aquamarine?

    I dont want the items D: if im not playing in that server..
    can we still keep the items in OB?

  2. everything gets wiped your level items data you start over so if that makes you mad now i suggest you give up and go to bed =P

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