Ed's Weekly Watch #1

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and congratulations on reading the first ever Ed’s Weekly Watch! This is a weekly post on what’s new in MMORPGs. I will write about new MMOs, news on MMOs, and other things involving…well…MMOS!!! Thanks and enjoy!

-Most of you know about the newest MMO “Pirates of the Burning Sea”. Well, I played the Beta and a little since the launch and I have to say, I am a little disappointed. The graphics are outdated, the “Open Sea” (the part of the game when you are sailing on the “Open Sea” not Ship Battling…2 different parts) graphics aren’t great either. The best quality graphics are when you are in a ship battle. The crafting system is alright, but it could use some work, and the player run economy isn’t what players expected it to be. It is hard to understand and takes forever to get used too. If you wish to try it go to www.piratesoftheburningsea.com and buy the game software from your local gaming merchandise store.

-I am a couple days off, but incase you haven’t heard, Age of Conan was pushed back 2 months. The devolopers claim that they needed “more time” and to “polish” up some things in gameply. I was heartbroken when I heard this, I was looking forward to the March launch, but I guess we will have to wait untill May.

-The thread I posted before this mentioned a contest. Yup, I have 2 Mythos invitations to give out. So to register send me an email at edearien@yahoo.com with the title “Contest”. Thanks!

-Beckett Massive Online Gamer magizine is offering a free issue! Visit here for more details. It requires a credit card to get the issue, but you can allways cancel if you don’t like it.

-The Chronicles of Spellborn has released a devoloper chat with Romano Molenaar! Click here to watch!

– RuneScape has released the long awaited summoning skill! You can play at www.runescape.com.

Wow, its been a pretty big week! Tune in next week for more exciting news on MMORPGs!


  1. Does this mean I did not win one of the Mythos invites :(



    About how often are invites sent out for players to distribute? Is there a forum somewhere, like LoTRO’s newbie forums where founders requests get routinely places, where one might stand a reasonable chance of scoring an invite?

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