Ed's Weekly Watch #3

Back again folks with another weekly watch! This week has been fairly slow accually, we are nearing the launch of some of the greatest MMO’s ever made though. Like AoC and WAR, oh boy, 2008 will be fun beyond belief.


In a message involving me, I have just gotten back into the Lord of the Rings Online. My server is Gladden and my name is Altheron, feel free to message me in-game.


MMORPG.com’s contest for a Ideazon Zboard Reaper™ & Reaper Edge™ keyboard and mouse is going on. Click here to register in the contest. Remember, you must have an MMORPG.com account to register, so make one! 2 Days left!


John Smedley, SOE’s CEO, is hosting a dev blog here. Check it out! Mabye he will do something good this time!


Age of Conan…The soon to be king of MMORPG’s has finally uploaded their beta devolopment Q&A videos! Check them out! #1 here, #2 here, and #3 and #4 here!


Just a little warning, if you play Lord of the Rings Online, there has been a fradulent email being sent around telling you that you have been illegally trading accounts and in-game currency. If you know you haven’t been doing this and you get this email, ignore it. Plus, if it really WAS Turbine, they may ask for username, but never password.

All we can do is wait in agony for the release of the MMO’s of 2008, it will be amazing and I am looking forward too it tremendously.

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