Entropia Universe Adds Vehicles


Entropia Universe (and for the old-school out there, formerly known as Project Entropia) is a unique beast. It allows players to use real money transactions (RMT) to both buy and sell items. Players can sell something for in-game currency and then convert that currency into cash dollars. Pretty sweet, right?

MindArk has been hugely successful. Recently, at LOGIN, a conference that focuses on online gaming held in Seattle in May, John Bates, who works with Strategic Marketing on the game, had a lecture where he talked about how they’ve sold in-game areas for as much as $330,000. It’s all very interesting, to say the least.

Today, word comes out that the Entropia Universe is getting vehicles. Players will be able to customize their color and texture and even do some basic PvP in them, using a mounted weapon. The vehicles won’t take collision damage, but will take damage from other players in PvP zones and from creatures everywhere. There are plans to offer even more customization down the road, as well as offering boats for over water travel.

Check out the patch notes to get the full details on everything vehicular.