ESO – Homestead Arriving in February 2017

esohouse3Who else is excited for housing in the Elder Scrolls? Count me in – and I finally have a date to look forward to. February 2017 will see the advent of player decorated housing in Elder Scrolls Online and I can’t wait. Tamriel just hasn’t seemed like Tamriel without housing – one of the first things I’ve always done in any Elder Scrolls game whenever I make a new character is build/acquire a house for them, and ESO has felt sadly without without it.



There are over 40 different houses to choose between, in all 10 of the available racial styles. Best of all it’s all free to everyone – none of the houses are in DLC zones, and unfurnished versions of the houses are purchased with in-game gold. The only exception are the Imperial style houses, which are locked behind the Imperial DLC like all other Imperial items. A quest grants a small home in a local inn, and larger homes are available for purchase in various zones once certain achievements are unlocked.

There are also over 2000 craftable items to put in your new home, crafted via the already existing crafting skills. Tables, chairs, beds, armoires, bookshelves, barrels, paintings and more will all be craftable and purchasable to place using the new housing editor.  Many unique items are also unlocked via the achievement system, and monster themed trophies can be earned in Veteran Trials, Dungeons and Arenas. Pets, mounts and crafting stations can all be placed in your home as well.



And music to my ears after ArcheAge and FFXIV: Housing is instanced. I won’t have to play the race to the land game only to discover it all purchased already!

For more information, read the official announcement.


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