EVE Alliance Tournament 8: And the winners are…


After three long weeks of grueling space battles the winners of the Eighth Annual EVE Online Alliance Tournament are ***drum roll** : Pandemic Legion have taken first place. This will be their third straight win for Pandemic Legion. HYDRA RELOADED came in second place in this tournament.

First place winners receive 50 Adrestria Heavy Assault ships, second place reveive 50 Utu Assault ships. I wouldn’t be too upset if I was second place here, last years second place ships sell for 35 Billion ISK a piece.


These ships are one of kind and can only be awarded by participating in the tournament. Congratulations to winners and players who participated in the tournament this year. If you didn’t get a chance to participate, take heart, you have a whole year to train and prepare for EVE’s Ninth Annual Alliance Tournament.

If there is any question if CCP will hold another one, they broke their CPU record of over 60,000 players logged into EVE during this weekends finals.

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