Eve is Real Hits Final Milestone + Special Deal for New Pilots

Today CCP announce they have reached the final level of sharing on their website eveisreal.net, which is a site where players can upload images, videos and stories about Eve Online to add to the history archives.  The final level rewards 2,000 Aurum to the characters with the highest SP on all active accounts.

Also announced today are two special promotions to lure in new Eve players and a little something for veterans who invite friends through the Buddy Program.

First all new paid accounts (including those converted from trial, invited through buddy program, created through special offers, etc.) will receive a free Cerebral Accelerator implant, available through the redeeming system. This is a limited time offer, so if you’re contemplating joining Eve, this is a good time to do it.

Cerebral accelerators are military-grade implants that significantly increase a new pilot’s skill development. They allow new capsuleers to more rapidly absorb information of all kinds, and as a bonus also enhance spatial processing abilities that are critical for weapons handling. The only drawback to this implant is that capsuleer training renders it ineffective after a while; as such, it will cease to function for pilots who have been registered for more than 35 days.

Also added is a bonus rare EVE ship for those that invite a friend through the Buddy Program and that buddy upgrades to a paying account.

The second sale, which starts today and lasts until November 28, 2011, is also aimed a new players who create an account, they’ll be able to get 180 days of game time for $49.95 or 3 PLEX.